There were so many great uniforms that came along to our April party night. Our patrons really pulled out all the stops with their sartorial choices and enjoyed the return of our coffin cage!

Brave volunteers took to the stage for impact scenes and a wonderful shibari suspension routine was a delight to behold. Our other play areas saw quite a bit of attention, as well.

Our best dressed was split between an amazing nurse and what we were confidently informed was an air marshal outfit!

Our Pajama party night is coming up on 28 May 2022. Don't slumber on your choices of outfit, from your fanciest flannel, linky silks or lacy lingerie. (If you only sleep naked, you can wear a sheet.)

Keep in mind there will be no Hellfire party for June, as the Queens Ball will be taking over the entire venue on

We provide two crosses, a waxing table, a coffin/cage/grope box and a bondage chair, spread about the u-shaped, licenced venue, following liquor legislation. This means no full nudity or sex on premises.

Pre-booked tickets are $25, or you can pay $30 at the door.