A huge thanks to everyone who attended our Masks and Fantasy night in February, From face paint to panda heads, the masks kept the identities hid, so the fantasies could come out to play.
Several sensual scenes played out over the night, with wax works, spankings and a good number of whips whacking first timers, brave enough to try before they buy,


Safe Night parking

The Hellfire Club of Queensland want to be sure our patrons have the best options open to them to enjoy the night and get home safely.

The Astor Terrace carpark is allowing to park from 4pm to 9am (the next day) for $12

No need to give them a code or pre-arrange the parking. just enter via 28 astor terrace, spring hill, collect your parking ticket with a 6-digit code on the top and you can return to pay the $12 for your parking, at your leisure.

the roller door shuts at 7pm at night and opens at 5am however vehicles can still enter by taking a ticket and exit after paying.

we must stress that you keep your entry ticket with you or at least copy the 6-digit code at the top of the ticket as this code allows you to enter the pedestrian doors after 7pm and is the only way to get in by foot after that time, to keep the area secure.

Our thanks to Black Rabbit Leather, providing a black and red set of cuffs for our best dressed of the night. The winners were a black clad couple with outfits that matched their masks so well. Many were jealous of the apron he wore and the shine of her catsuit.

On March 23, we will hold a special night, to celebrate the art of Submission!. We look up to those who kneel, those who serve, those who need to be restrained in order to let go. If you call yourself a sub, a bottom, a slave or you don't have a name for it but you know you wish for the sweet sensation of surrender, this is the night for you.