Domination was the theme at Hellfire Club of Queensland, this weekend just gone and, despite the cold night air, dominant people stood out as the night wore on. Every bit of furniture got a workout, with hot wax, floggings, sensory deprivation/overload with restraint only being talked about in terms of shackles, cuffs and rope.

Hellfire encourages our patrons to take the opportunity to show off their kinks in a safe, inclusive environment, as well as offering a chance to meet and learn from our staff and each other. Our resident master took several burgeoning new players under his tutelage, showing them where to strike and how to illicit moans with a simple flick of the wrist.

Our next party night is Back to School! On July 27. We prepare to take your learning to the next level, giving demonstrations of physics in action, as well as providing one on one lessons on how to go one on one with each other.Of course, some tardy or inattentive pupils may require punishment.
Be on the lookout at this years Sleeze Ball, on August where our resident master will have a cross set and ready to match the music, beat for beat.

The prize for best dressed, a series of $10 vouchers for Black Rabbit Leather, was harder to judge then usual, but the winners were two people who hadn't even met before the night had begun. One black clad, strapped young man had a look that demanded attention and the mistress who took to the stage for the first time was already looking the part....