The Hellfire Club of Queensland

This kinky fetish Club caters for a colorful crowd of fetishists, TV, drag queens, sexual deviants, perverts, hedonists on a monthly basis for the last 25 + years In Brisbane.

Our ,fetish event nights are an opportunity to dress to excess. Whilst in the pursuit of depraved pleasure, all manner of kink, sexy antics, debauched & decadence Behaviour, playful subversion, lustful submission, dominance from both Mistresses and Masters, kink, rubber ravers - all head to toe in latex, rubber, leather, corsets, full uniforms and other fetish clothing

A night for the delight of the senses. It's a club full of delicious delights and torture. A bit more than 50 Shades of Grey.Hellfire club is a guaranteed great night out & It’s renowned as being the friendliest fetish club.

At every Hellfire party's there are Resident Dungeon Masters & Mistresses; Painless who will be whipping up a frenzy or slowly teasing some lucky sod. There is a cute dungeon with equipment's ! Incidentally, no touching no nudity & No photos! This be the law of Hellfire Club.

There’s no rule against making new friends so if you ’re considering fetish clubbing for the first time, or indeed concerned about fashion snobbery or actually worried about just walking through the door, ‘suck it up’ and come along

2022 Party Dates


January 22
to school

February 26 Fetish Love
March 26 Animal Instinct
April 23 Uniform
May 28 Pyjama party
June 25 Heaven & Hell
July 23 Back to school
August 27 Elektrowerkz
September 24 Leather and Latex (29th birthday)
October 22 Hell-O-Ween
November 26 Medical Mayhem
December 24 CLOSED




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The Hellfire Club of Queensland

The Sportsman Hotel   


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