Thanks to everyone who attended our October Hell-O-Ween party!
With so many new faces in the crowd, who were eager to try new things as well as a good range of familiar faces who all left smiling. With a tickle torture scene, some hot wax, impact play and several spankings through out the night, our patrons got to watch, and partake in, their kinks.



 The Black Rabbit Leather voucher went to a particularly naughty latex nun who could barely restrain her bad habit and wimple from blowing everyone.... away on the night

Our Perverts Prom party is on the 25th of November and is a night for our patrons to show off the new skills and tricks that they've learnt over the year. We welcome anyone to put on their own little performance, on this night. Wax, rope, needles, impact or all at once, we look forward to seeing what your skills and imagination can produce.

You will be able to pre-pay your tickets through the Hellfire Club website for $20 entry!

Tickets are going offline SATURDAY OCTOBER 28th at 2.00 pm!
If you can't get your tickets online, After that its $25 at the door!
We look forward to seeing you , soon.