The Masquerade party has been and gone and so have the attendees, who ever they were.... but their smiles were clearly seen as they left. There were many fine masks being worn by our patrons, opera style, full face and glasses ala Clark Kent. Impact play was the main course for the night, with several scenes around the venue hearing the sounds of slaps and squeals.

The prize for best dressed on the night was Mistress Bianca's feathery, fan-like, face hiding fantastic, piece. The prize for the night was tickets for two, for the Sleazeball, being held on Saturday 21 July. First release tickets are $23 plus booking fee.

On Saturday 23 June, we will warm up your night with our winter Pajama Party Night. People who sleep in their birthday suit may need to put on some underpants, wear a towel or go toga style. The rest of us can bring out our flannel, lingerie or that full sensory deprivation hood that you like to sleep in. Come along for a night of hot passion, hot wax and hot whacks.

You will be able to pre-book your tickets through the Hellfire Club website for $20 entry! Buying tickets on the night will cost you $25! If you buy a yearly membership for $60, then you will get entry to any Hellfire Club event for $10.

We look forward to seeing you , soon.