The Hellfire Club of Queensland Pajama Party night was a fun and flirty night for one and all.
Some patrons could not wait to get upon the cross and start the action, with their evening wear allowing easy access for impact play, hot wax, rope work and two different medical scenes across the night. The outfits ranged from comfortable to sexy, and quite often crossed both.
An adventurous threesome took the Black Rabbit voucher after their romp on stage, with a little mix of everything thrown in, for good measure, smiling the entire time.

Our theme for September is our Heaven and Hell Birthday Party! Be you a saint or a sinner, a horny lil' devil or a perfect lil' angel, we want you to spend the night moving amongst the celestial bodies and our denizens below.
Black Rabbit Premium Leather are providing a range of goodies and raffles for the night, to help raise money for cancer research.
There will be no pre-booking for this special birthday party! Buying tickets on the night will cost you $15 at the door! Only $15 to celebrate 24 years of Debauchery and Hedonism!
We look forward to seeing you , soon.