Did you leave with a satisfied smile on your face? The Hellfire Club of Queensland Happy Slave Party was a great night for those who were strapped in, strapped down and received the strap.

Of the many scenes that took place, a unique standing wax scene took place while the waxee was standing and stomping on a foot fetish fanatic. A hot scene as the nights cool off.

Our next party will be our Mask-a-Raid party. Masks have a history of allowing you to hide your ego, your fears and be truthful to your desires. Be it a painted on Zorro mask or a full executioners hood, you can take advantage of the night to change to another identity, one that might even surprise yourself.

You will be able to Buy your tickets online through the Hellfire Club website for $20 entry! Buying tickets on the night will cost you $25! If you buy a yearly membership for $50, then you will get entry to any Hellfire Club event for $10. You can get immediate entry to any 12 events with a $120 event card. This card lasts until all 12 spots on the card are used, however you choose to do so. Want to attend four parties a year? Then your card will last 3 years. Want to attend one event with five other friends? Then they all get in for free on the night and on your card, with six spots left to use.

We look forward to seeing you , soon.