Medical Meyhem party was a special night for those who attended.
The night started with some needle corsetry, lacing two arms together with a delightful green ribbon. Then the impact play was liberally applied to the backs of those who chose to test their limits, and the candles began to melt over supple, willing skin.
Our best dressed was a lovely nurse and doctor combination, a delightful combination of red and green. They had been seen taking advantage of the waxing table, earlier in the night, and with smiles like that, were very suitably keeping in the theme of meyhem...
We also took the time to remember a dear friend, Nicci Tristian
Our theme for August is Pajama Party! There is no better way to start your night then being dressed for bed. from your boyfirends oversized t-shirt, a flannel onesie, lingerie or a sleeping bag for two, keep your nightwear suitable for a publice venue(no full nudity allowed). Head downstairs at the Sportsmans Hotel for our sensual slumber party!
Black Rabbit Premium Leather have provided a voucher for our best dressed/participation award for the night.

You will be able to pre-book your tickets through the Hellfire Club website for $20 entry! Buying tickets on the night will cost you $25!
We look forward to seeing you , soon.