What a night a mask makes! the Hellfire Club of Queensland Mask-A-Raid party was an epic night for one and all!
The waxing table was a wonderful mess of colours, the crosses were pressed with flesh and the patrons took advantage of the theme to leave their inhibitions on the other side of their elaborate coverings and be true to their own inner selves. Debauchery and body heat kept the venue hot till the wee hours of the morning.... 
Our best dressed was a visiting pretty pony from Sydney, receiving a Black Rabbit voucher but we had a couple of swells who got a their masks on for a brilliant night out and rewarded with free entry for the next party event.....

Speaking of which, Medical Mayhem will be our theme on July. From caring bedside manner, mopping the fevered brows of the unfortunate, to mad science at it's finest. An alchemic mix of soulfire, sweat and the spark of lust is the formula to follow,
but do you want to take it as a shot, a pill or tonic? 
Black Rabbit Premium Leather have provided a voucher for our best dressed/participation award for the night.
You will be able to pre-book your tickets through the Hellfire Club website for $20 entry! Buying tickets on the night will cost you $25! 
We look forward to seeing you , soon.