24 years and counting. The Hellfire Club of Queensland's Heaven and Hell birthday party
was a successful night

As is a Hellfire Club tradition, many of the people who took to the stage were having their first BDSM
experience, public or otherwise, trusting the experience of the masters and mistresses to keep them as
comfortable as possible in a potentially uncomfortable situation.

To commemorate the event Black Rabbit Leather (http://blackrabbit.com.au/) put up a $500 voucher for one
lucky raffle winner to receive.

The purple ticket drawn by Hellfire owner, Greg, was gleefully accepted.

Our next party will be our Hell-O-Ween themed night. From the ookiest to the kookiest. The kinkiest to the
slinkiest. Put your cousin It and your thing on display before you lurch down the stairs to begin the night.
or go the way of the college frat party and choose an outfit from a Leg Avenue catalogue.

You will be able to pre pay for your tickets through the Hellfire Club website for $20 entry! Buying tickets
on the night will cost you $25! If you buy a yearly membership for $50, then you will get entry to any
Hellfire Club monthly event's for $10.

Since September, 1993, the Hellfire Club of Queensland has been providing local kinksters with a safe, sane,
licenced venue, where they can explore their intimate desires, and has been the initiation point for
countless people on their journey of debauched sensuality. We've even been awarded the title as one of
Australia's top 25 parties to attend.
We look forward to seeing you , soon.