Hellfire Club  celebrated Mardi Gras with glitter, glamour, and genuflection
on the wooden crossed alter of Saint Andrew. Our volunteers stood
their ground as the masters and mistresses performed upon their
willing flesh. The tradition is usually indulging in the things that
you will deny yourself during Lent, but with our party nights on the
4th Saturday on every month, temptation can't wait.


Black Rabbit Leather     put up a voucher for
our best dressed participants. Our February winner was a lady of
infinite jest and delightful colour scheme.
Our March party night is Back to School theme on the 24th. Pull up
your jocks and your knee high socks, as teacher keeps you after class
for a special detention. Students will be swotted, while staff,
teachers, nurses or even kinky cafeteria workers give you what you
need, or what you want, within the limits of the venue



We look forward to seeing you , soon.