Our Back to School party night was a fantastic opportunity for our patrons to go back to their earliest memories of corporal punishment and taboo topics. With mean girls, school jocks, and staff on hand to lift them higher onto the cross, there were many happy smiling faces leaving after they had their one on one tutoring. Others left looking forward to having their first session on a later night.

Black Rabbit Leather (http://blackrabbit.com.au) put up a voucher for our best dressed participants. March saw one very naughty school girl who had two mistresses giving her a good working over, but still not having learnt her lesson.

April is our Uniform party night on the 28th. The weekend after ANZAC Day, military uniforms are always in, but any other work uniform can still have it's chance for a sexy air out. "Would you like fries with that?" takes on a whole new meaning when strapped to a cross. Emergency services, chef's, scouts, or even an old polo shirt with a company logo and a clipboard can send the message that you're there for a purpose.

We look forward to seeing you , soon.